Who we Are

Our Philosophy

At Nirichman our Philosophy is to deliver the at every step and offer easy Bookings for People who need Cleaners, Carers or other other Services workers . Our goal is to give you trusted and professional cleaners  in the UK. We give you the option of booking for a one of services or choosing one of our contract packages .We can offer other packages tailored to your needs just ask for a quote.


Our Mission Is to be the first choice in the minds of People who need Booking their service needs, Provide value and support by making it cheaper and Quicker to book whilst providing the best people for. We strive to lead the way in the UK by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Customers ensuring the delivery of the highest quality in terms of reliability, professionalism and trust.

Regional Team Supervisor.

Uk Regional Team Supervisor.

Mr Donald Larson

Mr Larson spends his time ensuring all the team leaders in each of the borough and cities continue to recieve the support and training required to delivery Quality services across the country.

Regional Manager London

Regional Manager

Mr Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spends his  time between London, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Wales and Scotland. Providing the right training for our managers. “He loves to play football in his spear time”.

Head of Sales and Marketing

Ms Kate Forbes

Kate Forbes, The lady behind our sales and marketing force. She leaves no stone untured and is determined to make this the UK’s no 1 services Booking site and believes she can make peoples lives better.